Organic and natural Easter Basket (no candy)

Organic and natural Easter Basket (no candy)

Easter Baskets made fun with no candy, here you go! 


We love adding in clothing that is currently needed. Socks, underwear, pjs, sweaters, cute sets, etc... Then move onto fun pieces like hair accessories, jewelry, coloring, chapsticks, fun toys, bath time fun, and more. 


We adore all things holiday over here at Senna Case. So here are some of our favorite Easter Basket add ons, and some fun helpful info!


PARENTING HACK: One of our fun parenting hacks is that we hide away the bunny/Easter toys as soon as the kiddos become less attached so that we can bring them back out the following year in a more sustainable way of gifting stuffed animals. It might be too late for this Easter, but it's a great thing to keep in mind come May/June of this year to tuck them away until Easter 2025 ;) 


COZY CLOTHES: We may be partial, but we are in LOVE with this dino set. The various dinosaurs eating strawberries feels very spring and makes for a fun add in to the basket, that will actually get lots and lots of use through the year! 


Dino set in matcha with Triceratops

Dino set in pink with Tyrannosaurus Rex



Stuffies, toys, and art supplies: Here are some of our favorite Easter Basket add ins. 


When it doubt, ART! Art supplies are always dwindling in our households over here. If you have art lovers as well, you know they freak out over new art supplies. It's the gift that keeps giving!!! They get a gift, and you also get one too when they sit and draw/color in their own little sweet world in the days to come. 


We hope this list helps inspire you while filling our Easter Basket!

Hoppy Easter!!!

Love the Senna Case team! 

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