Clothing that lasts

Kids grow too fast, so we wanted to make clothing that was purposely oversized and designed to grow with them. Additionally, due to the gender neutral nature, you can pass them down to any smaller child once done. Plus they are hand sewn with durability in mind. All that to say, we make clothes that last.

Being kind to the planet never goes out of style

Sustainability is truly a pillar of our company. Our fabric is sourced from natural fibers, and is high quality with low environmental impact. We save the scrap fabric (that typically goes to landfill) and use it in fun ways to create "lumpies", bags, and other items. Lastly, we find dead stock fabric and give it new life in our Re/Cased initiative.


Chantelle Paige-Mulligan

Chantelle Paige is a singer/songwriter turned content creator. Fashion has always been an undercurrent in her career. After having a daughter and becoming pregnant with a son the idea of Senna Case was born. Forever being able to pass pieces on from one child to the next, no matter the gender. Sustainability, social impact, and supporting women are three of Chantelle's main initiatives. We, at Senna Case, give back to various charities with each launch ranging from the Foster Care, The Trevor Project, and more. We deeply care about where and how are clothing is made and are proud to not only be a Women-Owned business but hire Women-Owned companies to help us create, share, and grow.


Gender Neutral kids clothing with adult matching pieces that are all handmade in California. Created with a focus on versatility and durability, catering to the ever-changing needs of growing children.


At Senna Case, we have a profound concern for the origin and ethical practices behind our garments. By embracing a gender-neutral approach, our clothing can be effortlessly passed down to any younger child, promoting sustainability and inclusivity.


We proudly operate as a Women-Owned business, and we extend this commitment by enlisting Women-Owned companies to assist us in our journey of crafting, sharing, and delivering our creations.


Mini & Me

As soft as a cloud and made for Adults and kids of all ages, genders, shapes, and sizes. The whole family can match in cozy, colorful, bliss.

We love you in Senna Case

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